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Alter Markt 4-6
57627 Hachenburg

0 26 62 / 9699760

Opening hours:
January and February

Mo.-Fr.: 09:00 to 16:00
Sat., Sun.: closed  

March to December
Mo.-Fr.: 09:00 to 16:00
Sat., Sun. and holidays: 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Please note our changed opening hours: 
16.02.& 20.02.23 09:00-12:00




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Hachenburg Adventure Brewery

Although the Hachenburg Westerwald is close to Rhenish wine-growing areas, the Westerwalders prefer to drink beer. One of the region's characteristic beer variations comes from the Westerwald Brewery: Hachenburger Pils.
The spicy, charismatic and characterful Hachenburg beer is brewed with 100 % aroma hops and matures for six weeks for its incomparable flavour.
Surrounded by an aroma hop garden and a beer park open to the public, the family brewery is located in the middle of the town of Hachenburg. With the cultural offerings of the Hachenburg Experience Brewery, locals and guests have the opportunity to experience Hachenburg's art of brewing and regional beer specialities with all their senses.

Hachenburg Brewing Workshop: Brewing beer

Have you ever brewed a beer? Then a visit to the Hachenburg brewing workshop is well worthwhile. True to the motto "Don't just look, brew it yourself", you can make a beer with your group according to a selected recipe. Under expert guidance, you will practise the art of craft brewing at the Hachenburg brewery: from the traditional brewing process to modern quality assurance and logistics. Go on an excursion into the world of enjoyment and taste of beer with a brewing course.

Brewery tour Hachenburg

Although Germans are proud of beer as a cultural asset, most of them are unaware that it is the most multifaceted drink of all: it has countless aromas and flavours that are waiting to be discovered. Experience the art of brewing in Hachenburg and the pleasures of beer on a guided tour of the brewery. Be up close and personal as the malty beginning is transformed into a bottled Hachenburger.
You can also get closer to the world of beer sensory science and put your sense of taste, smell and touch to the test with the beer sommeliers of the Hachenburg brewery. Experience the variety of types and flavours of Hachenburg's specialities and sensitise your senses to the aroma spectrum of German beer. Whether you are a beer beginner or an interested connoisseur, the experience brewery has exciting impressions in store for every beer drinker.