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TOP 10 Viewpoints in the Hachenburg Westerwald

The meadows and pastures of the Hachenburg Westerwald stretch across picturesque panoramas and extensive landscapes. To enjoy this idyll undisturbed, you will find numerous vantage points in the region. During a hike or as a stopover on a cycling tour through Rhineland-Palatinate, the viewpoints in the Westerwald always capture a moment of tranquillity.

Old mountain cross Hachenburg district Altstadt

The old mountain cross in the old town of Hachenburg offers a panoramic view of the town. From here, sights such as the Marienstatt monastery are not far away.

Bridge at the Dreifelder Weiher

It is impossible to describe the beauty of the Westerwald Lake District. It is best to experience it for yourself. For example, on the bridge at the Dreifelder Weiher, which offers a breathtaking panorama over the nature reserve.


Viewpoint "Spitze Ley"

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Spitze Ley looks down on the green valleys of Stein-Wingert from 265 m above sea level. Optimal for a day hike through the Westerwald countryside on a sunny day.

Observation tower Gräbersberg

On a motorbike tour through the Westerwald, the tranquil Alpenroder Hütte serves as a stopover for refreshments. Right next to it is a 34-metre high lookout tower that offers a view as far as the Siebengebirge.

Viewpoint "Hohe Ley"

The Hohe Ley vantage point is 270 metres above sea level. Connected to the WesterwaldSteig trail, you can catch a glimpse of the valleys of Kroppacher Schweiz from here.


"Deutsches Eck" of the Westerwald

The German corner of the Westerwald in Kroppach Switzerland can be found after a hike along the Nister - where the large and small Nister flow together in Heimborn. The hidden clearing is perfect for a picnic or a short walk through the cool water.

High seat at the Dreifelder Weiher

During a bicycle tour or a hike around the Dreifelder Weiher, a high seat with a beautiful view over the lake awaits. Not far from the nearby bridge, it offers observation-loving visitors a place to slow down.

Kaolin pit Böhmsfund

An extraordinary eye-catcher in the Hachenburg Westerwald, which hikers can see on the water adventure trail, is the remote clay pit pond near Alpenrod with its turquoise-green water and beautiful water lilies. It was created from the former Böhmsfund kaolin pit. Kaolin - a special type of clay used for porcelain production - was mined there. If you follow the hiking trail further, you will come across the Böhmsfund clay pit, which is still active today. 

Attention: Entering the site is prohibited by the mining police and only permitted with prior permission from the owner!
Please stay only on the signposted hiking trails!

World Youth Day Cross

Built for the 20th World Youth Day, the vista at the World Youth Day Cross opens up an expansive view over the valleys of Atzelgift and Streithausen, giving hikers a moment of tranquillity on a tour of the WesterwaldSteig.

Wiedquelle near Linden

The Wiedquelle springs from under the roots of a centuries-old beech tree. A viewpoint in the Westerwald with natural origins. If you are looking for more activities in the Westerwald, take a look at our tips for the top 10 activities or our top 10 excursion destinations.


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