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Cycle routes in the Hachenburger Westerwald

For occasional riders and experienced cyclists

Winding through the valleys and on towards the low mountainous landscape of the Hachenburger Westerwald, the quiet roads are perfect for an active cycling holiday. These long country roads may be a paradise for cyclists, but the focus isn’t only on exercise. Relaxing in one of the local restaurants is just as much a part of a bike tour in the Westerwald as enjoying the spectacular viewpoints. In the little town of Hachenburg, cyclists will find an atmosphere that’s rich in tradition, with a hospitable welcome that encourages them to stay a while longer in the historic town centre, and to round off their bike tour with some of the delicious Westerwald delicacies served in one of the many local restaurants.


Relaxing bike tours – an experience for mind and spirit

A cycle route in the Westerwald doesn’t always have to be challenging. Enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and pursue your hobby as you pedal past lush green meadows and dense forests. A short stopover in the picturesque little town of Hachenburg will make a bike tour through the Westerwald gloriously easy. Whether you’re on an e-bike or a mountain bike, you’re sure to enjoy the viewpoints, culinary delights and varied scenery. A bike tour in the Westerwald is about much more than sporting ambition. Take your time and you’ll be rewarded with enough strength to complete even more stages of the route.

Family-friendly cycling – the Westerwälder Seenplatte (Westerwald Lake District) circular cycle route

For short tours of around 20 km, the circular cycle route around the Westerwälder Seenplatteis perfect for cycling fans of all ages. With its imposing landscapes and phenomenal views, you’ll be tempted to spend a bit longer at one of the seven lakes in this idyllic landscape. During the round trip, which takes approximately 90 minutes, families can take a short break at the forest playground Steinen-Dreifelden, which makes the circular cycle route around the Westerwälder Seenplatte a fun challenge to cycle with children.

Challenging routes to test your fitness

The Westerwald also has plenty of physically challenging routes that will really test your fitness. Even experienced cyclists will find conquering mountainous routes with an elevation gain of several thousand metres a real test. Take the popular cycle route through the Hachenburger Westerwald, the Westerwald-Town-Country-Monastery Tour, for example: cover over 120 kilometres on a tour lasting over six hours and explore the natural diversity of the Westerwald. The route travels through the picturesque Westerwälder Seenplatte via the enchanting town centre of Hachenburg to Marienstatt Abbey, where cyclists can recharge their batteries at the local brewery. From the highest point of the tour in Stein-Neukirch, the route then passes a beautiful artificial lake, the Wiesensee. With an elevation gain of just under 1,700 metres, this is a road bike tour for experienced cyclists.

More bike tours in the Westerwald

Alternatively, if you want to cycle the Westerwald on a mountain bike or e-bike, we recommend calling on the experience of our bike tour guides. Take one of our guided bike tours to discover the beauties of the Hachenburger Westerwald cycle routes and be inspired by their variety.


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